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The Rt Hon Theresa May Rodney Olley 10 Downing Street 9 George Street London Mablethorpe SW1 LN122BD Dear Madam, It has been brought to my notice that those who benefit pecuniarily and politically from our laws now are conniving to remove the last defences of the unborn by decriminalising abortion. It has always been a belief of mine that a society which solves its social problems by killing is on a very slippery slope and I think 20 th century history proves this. As the history of legal abortion in the UK proves once you accept legalised killing as the norm any reluctance which preceded its inception is slowly eroded until what began as an exceptional procedure becomes so ordinary that, ‘will she have it’ is often the first question ask now when someone is told a woman is pregnant. I firmly believe that the ready resort to extreme violence by our young owes a great deal to their no longer being taught as a norm the sacredness of human life and that only the extremes of a just war or the defence of ourselves and/or others justifies its suspension. If we teach our young by word and deed that the right to human life is not an absolute but selective with some lives being legally considered as more important than others we should not be surprised if they extend this teaching to problems in their own lives. It may well be that their sister was pregnant with an unwanted child, so she just took a pill and flushed the results down the toilet. Neither one of them will have any qualms over what she has done because society tells them that this embryonic life had only nuisance value and therefore could be dispensed with: no problem. It is a short step from this to seeing another person who is a troublesome in your life as removeable. At the moment the only thing acting as a deterrent to these actions is that they are both unlawful unless otherwise stated. We do not as yet have euthanasia and one hopes that we never will but should we ever consider doing so the effects this will have on the thinking and behaviour of our young people should weigh heavily in the scales against it. In human history the passing of laws has often had repercussion far beyond what the legislators intended.